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I’m Jenifer Juris. I usually go by Jen but since we already have a Jen (White) here, I wanted to prevent confusion and go by Jenifer. Thinking of this reminds me of the one time there were seven girls named Jen at the pool one day back when I was a kid. Needless to say, all seven of us were doing double-takes every time our name was yelled.


Here at Digital Scrapper

My roll at Digital Scrapper involves wearing a few different hats. The first role, and probably my favorite, is leading the Creative Team. I get to work with some of the nicest ladies who are all so very talented. It’s a treat to lead them and I always look forward to seeing the beautiful pages they come up with every month! The second role I have is running the social media sites for Digital Scrapper. This is also a fun job because I get to interact with all of our wonderful members there. And my third role is being an instructor here at Digital Scrapper. What a dream this job is! Working with and learning from Linda and Jen is such a blast, and I can still hardly believe it’s actually real – that I actually get to instruct here!


Meet My Family

I have been married to my husband, Andy, for almost 14 years. As of now, we do not have children but we do have three dogs that we love to pieces. My husband is a farmer and that keeps him very busy 75% of the year. When he’s not busy working, we enjoy ministering to the teenagers and young adults in our church. We often have them over for dinner and do a weekly Bible study during the regular school year.



Three Things Unique About Me

  • I live with a chronic illness. Living with a chronic illness for 7 years has taught me so much about life, people, relationships, my faith, and how to be a better and more forgiving person. Life with chronic illness is HARD and pushes you to limits of all kinds on a regular basis. But it has also made me love harder, believe stronger, and work to the best of my ability when I’m able to. Managing chronic fatigue and chronic pain can be so frustrating and full of heartache, but it’s given me the ability to be less judgemental and more understanding and it helps me really appreciate the good days when they come.
  • One of the things I have discovered through my chronic illness/health journey is that I have to eat a very specific way in order to help myself feel better. I have a pretty significant carbohydrate intolerance and can only eat about 15 net grams of carbs per day. So I follow a slightly stricter version of the somewhat popular “Keto” diet. And for the first time in years, I’m not hungry all the time and I’m actually able to lose weight (both were always a struggle for me before).
  • While I’m not sure if this third one makes me unique (as I’m guessing there are many who are like me in this regard), one of the things about me that I wanted to share is that I LOVE a GOOD story. Whether it’s a movie, book, or anything in between, This has been true for as far back as I can remember. There were many nights as a kid when I got in trouble for staying up too late reading. Just one more chapter, I’d say, and then I’d read at least one more. Not much has changed as I still do this as an adult. There’s just something about seeing where the story will take me next. The freedom it brings to be someone else for a short while as I place myself in the story, is just my favorite way to spend my free time.


My Life in Scrapbooking

While I have many favorite scrapbook pages, this one is my most recent. I love to dabble in photography and this page was made using some of the still life photos I’ve taken. Everything about how this page came together was just right and every time I see it, I find myself smiling at the simple beauty it has.





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