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Over 5,000 sq. ft. Of Everything You Need To Fuel Your Scrapbooking Creativity!

The latest top quality Scrapbooking products from over 90 manufacturers.
A Workshop—Class Room area that will fuel your creativity and will allow you to have the best Scrapbooking fun time, you ever had!

Classes galore that will teach you the best and latest techniques to help you create your Masterpiece. scrap booking superstore   If you are just getting started, Memory Lane has KropBox Kits available at a discount for $49.99. The Kits include: Fiskar’s 12″ personal trimmer, Cutter Bee Scissors, Hermafix Tab Adhesive Dispenser, and a Black ZIG Marker.



Scrap Book University

Memory Lane is proud to announce that we are offering an exciting new educational program called Scrapbook Design University by EK Success.  We recently returned from EK Success’ two day SDU training and Certified Amy Miller and Cathy Krueger as SDU Instructors. We have a new class line-up along with tons of new information and techniques.

SDU is an educational program designed to teach beginner through advanced scrapbookers basic scrapbook theories and principles. There are 10 classes in the coursework of SDU. The first five classes are theory classes … Read the rest

Let’s Get Inspired – June 2017

Let’s Get Inspired – June 2017
by Jenifer Juris

Even though our regular monthly scrapbooking challenge has been suspended until September, we wanted to continue to bring you monthly inspiration from our Creative Team.

This month, we asked the team to create a page about their favorite place(s). I’ve picked a handful of them to showcase here. We hope these pages inspire you to make a page yourself about your favorite place or places.


A Beautiful Place by Donna:

This page by Donna is a classic! The photos are of great quality with good exposure and lighting. Notice how the gray rectangle frames behind the photos help lead your eyes from the top of the page to the bottom. The other small touches, like matching the title to the colors in the photos and using a neutral background, help pull this page together, and, while it’s simple, it’s classically beautiful!


10 Places to Visit by Lori:

Lori created a really fun page! She took the idea of favorite places and decided to make a page about the top 10 locations she wants to go. Using a grid layout worked in her favor. Her diagonal flow from top-left to … Read the rest

Travel the Web — At the Beach


Travel the Web – At the Beach

by Jen White

Sand in your shorts, water up your nose, and first degree burns on your cheeks . . . what’s not to LOVE about the beach!

The next time you’re preparing a trip to a sandy location, we’d like to help. Below you’ll find some great ideas and beach-y inspiration to pack in your mind and your tote.


Who Will You See?

Here are some ideas for taking photos of the kinds of things you’ll be likely to see and experience.

At the Beach – Photo Idea Collection – on Pinterest

Where Will You Go?

Fantastic beaches can be found all over the world, but let’s take a look at a central location – the Midwest.


Best Midwest Beaches
Top 7 Midwest City Beaches


What Will You Do?

Fun at the beach doesn’t have to be complicated, but one super-awesome toy can make or break the trip. Here are some of the best toys guaranteed to break beach boredom.


Top Best Beach Toys
Top 10 Best Summer Beach Toys


How Will You Scrap It?

After your awesome trip, you’ll want to capture the memories forever, … Read the rest

Black and White Photo Series – Gradient Map

Black and White Photo Series – Gradient Map
by Jenifer Juris

Use a gradient map adjustment layer to easily turn your photo into black and white.

Step One: Open a Photo

  • Open a photo (File > Open) that you wish to use.
  • Press the letter D to reset the Color Chips.

Why did I chose this photo?

  • The subject is already black and white.
  • The photo already has high contrast.


The Gradient Map Method

Using the gradient map method is a fairly quick and simple way to convert an image to black and white.
This method doesn’t give as much control over how colors convert.


Step Two: Add a Gradient Map Adjustment Layer

  • In the Layers panel, click on the Create a New Fill or Adjustment Layer icon and choose Gradient Map.



  • In the Gradient Map (Properties) panel, evaluate your photo.

Stop here if:

  • The dark areas are black or almost black and the white areas are white or almost white.
  • The photo has good contrast, meaning it’s bright and doesn’t look dull.

Keep going if:

  • The dark areas are too dark.
  • The light areas are too dull or grayish.

With this photo:

  • His
Read the rest

Black and White Photo Series – Hue/Saturation

Black and White Photo Series – Hue/Saturation
by Jenifer Juris

Use a Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer to create a quick black and white photo.

There are many ways to convert a photo to black and white using Photoshop Elements and Adobe Photoshop. In this new Black and White Photo Series we’ll look at:

  • What kinds of photos make good black and white photos
  • The pros and cons of several black and white methods
  • What makes good black and white contrast and how to obtain it


Step One: Open a Photo

  • Open a photo (File > Open) that you wish to use.

Why did I choose this photo?
This flower photo makes a nice black and white photo without much effort because:

  • It has a single focus.
  • It has highly contrasting colors.


The Hue/Saturation Method

The Hue/Saturation method is a fast, easy, and simple way to convert to black and white.
This is a good option if you are in a hurry.

The Hue/Saturation method gives you very little control over how the colors convert to black and white.
This can add slight grain or noise to the photo.


Step Two: Add a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer

  • In
Read the rest

Project Life 2017

The Details for Project Life 2017:


SG Project Life is a year-long scrapping challenge. The goal is to stay current scrapping the year. There is not a set form, you can take daily photos, scrap weekly layouts, monthly layouts or whatever works for you.

SG Project Life is similar to a Project 52 or 365 which are year long challenges of creating 52 weekly layouts (one for each week of the year) or taking 365 photos (a photo a day) and documenting them. We don’t want overwhelm anyone with daunting requirements so we simply give you the challenge to document your year then let you approach this project in a way that meets your individual goals.

Here are some typical formats our members have chosen:

  • One layout for each week of the year (single or double pages)
  • A double page layout covering two weeks
  • One layout (single or double paged) per month
  • A monthly calendar style layout with or without a companion page.
  • Scrap the significant events from each month– some months with more pages than others.
  • Use “Pocket Life” products to document your year.

You can choose one of these formats or create your own. The way you Read the rest

Black and White Photo Series – Color Conversion (Adobe Photoshop)

Black and White Photo Series – Color Conversion (Adobe Photoshop)
by Jenifer Juris

Use the adjustment layers to their maximum power by customizing the color conversion process.

This tutorial is for Adobe Photoshop only. Click here for the Photoshop Elements version of this tutorial.

Step One: Open a Photo

  • Open a photo (File > Open) that you wish to use.

Why this photo for black and white?

I chose this photo for a few reasons:

  • This photo has a single focus or one main subject.
  • This photo has various colors in it which will work well for highlighting the power of this tutorial.
  • This photo was taken outside so it’s well lit and already has good contrast to start with.



Step Two: Convert the Photo to Black and White

  • In the Layers panel, click on the Add New Fill or Adjustment Layer icon and choose Black and White.
  • In the Black and White (Properties) panel, choose a Preset from the Preset drop down box.

I almost always use the Default preset, but with this photo, I used the Darker preset.



  • Adjust the Red, Green, and/or Blue Intensity sliders.

For this photo I made the following adjustments: … Read the rest

March Layout Madness 2017

:wobbly-eyes: Oh no!  March Layout Madness is back! :wobbly-eyes:

This month’s Scrap Girls Forum game, March Layout madness, is designed to help you get more scrapbook pages done with a series of simple steps that add up to a finished page at the end of each week, but watch out some of the tasks may be trickier :newangel: .  When the month is over you’ll have completed several layouts and been treated to some fun along the way.


Throughout March, Monday through Saturday, a Welcoming Committee member will post a daily layout step in the game thread. The tasks will be formatted in a LARGE PURPLE FONT for ease of locating them in the game thread as it grows.


  • Layout one will have four steps
  • Layouts two, three and four will have six steps each
  • Layout five will have five steps



  • Members who complete and post all 5 layouts in the March Layout Madness Gallery will be entered in a drawing for one of two $15.00 Scrap Girls Shop Gift Certificates.
  • Each completed layout posted in the March Layout Madness Gallery, up to 4 per member, will be entered in a drawing for one of three $5.00 Scrap
Read the rest

Masking with Transparent Overlays

Masking with Transparent Overlays
by Jen White

Use the magic formula of 50% gray combined with a contrast blend mode to achieve a special masking technique.


The Problem:

I love to search for out-of-the-ordinary things to clip to masks. Recently I wanted to clip a transparent overlay to a fancy watercolor. I just wanted to utilize the shape and varied transparency of the watercolor, not the colors in it. So, I had to figure out how to make the watercolor disappear, yet still be able to clip to it.

The Solution:

The answer was found in the contrast blend modes.

The Contrast Blend Modes are Overlay, Soft Light, Hard Light, Vivid Light, Linear Light, and Pin Light. All of the Contrast modes work by lightening the lightest pixels, darkening the darkest pixels, and dropping the gray mid-tones (50% gray).

That last part is the key. If you set a layer’s pixels to 50% gray and change the blend mode of that layer to Hard Light, for example, the layer appears to disappear… yet, it’s still there.

Let’s take a look at how that works in Photoshop.


Step One: Prepare Your Workspace

  • Download the Per Diem pack to work
Read the rest

How to create my albums

I thought that i would create some albums in my SG gallery and so I went to the “How to create albums” and it says to go to “my controls” or “my albums” but i can’t for the life of me find those. Can anyone tell me how to get to them please? I’m sure they re obvious as but I just can’t see them. :blush:  … Read the rest

March Journaling Challenge – Childhood

March Journaling Challenge – Childhood
by Jenifer Juris

This month we are celebrating all of the many aspects of childhood. We hope you’ll join us for this fun challenge topic!

Prompt: Childhood

Share with us something to do with childhood. It can be about your own or someone else’s. It can be about something personal, like a memory or experience or it can be about a favorite toy or place. It can be as broad as you like and be about the nature of children or it can be about something specific to you. Just remember, photos aren’t required and feel free to share only what you’re comfortable with.

Things to Ponder:

  • Facts: Age, Name of Person (You or Someone else), Date(s), etc.
  • Feelings: How does this thing about childhood make you feel?
  • Focus: What’s the one thing about this memory you want to make sure you share?

Thinking about these things can help you recall memories and share a more polished story. Spend as little or as much time jotting things down as you like. Most importantly, have fun sharing about yourself, because your story matters.

Challenge Requirements:

  • The only requirement is that your project must include some form
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